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Single Implant

Replacement for One Lost Tooth with a Single Implant

The loss of one tooth can cause additional oral health issues. A single implant can be used to fill your missing tooth gap and reduce or eliminate the damage caused by tooth loss.

Your bone and gum tissue are vulnerable the longer you delay tooth replacement. Losing supportive tissue can cause your adjoining and adjacent teeth to become misaligned.

A new tooth root is formed in your missing tooth gap with the placement of a single implant. Your implant is placed via oral surgery into your jawbone to support your new tooth on the surface of your gums.

A single implant is crafted from a surgical grade of titanium. It provides a long-lasting tooth replacement that contains an abutment (post) and a new tooth (a dental crown) for restoring your tooth function and appearance.

Contact our Falmouth and Yarmouth dental office about your missing tooth. Schedule an examination to receive information about tooth replacement with a single implant.